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50th Anniversary Special filming [spoilers]

Filming continues on the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special and has revealed some very interesting locations and familiar names. Twitterer Ryan Farr has snapped some great shots earlier today featuring the I.M. Foreman scrap yard, as first seen in the very first episode, An Unearthly Child, and Coal Hill school (also featured in that story), which eagle-eyed readers will notice the sign uses the name I. Chesterton (one of the teachers who would join The First Doctor in the TARDIS). Click on the pictures below for bigger versions.
In other 50th Anniversary news, the most recent issue of Doctor Who Magazine suggested that David Tennant may well be the only former Doctor to return for the 3D sixty minute special. Though, it should be noted, the magazine was merely quoting other sources in their story, and not actually providing their own BBC sources.


    • It will have to be 90mins in order for Vue cinemas to want to show it in 3D etc. we get 60mins every Christmas, this is more for our buck according to Matt…

  1. Chairman of the Governors…such a lovely nod to Ian. It probably won't get noticed in the actual special (unless, of course, he gets a little cameo), but I think it's sweet.

  2. Has the sixty-minute running time been actually, genuinely, in writing confirmed anywhere except that old marketing poster – and if so, where? You've mentioned the number a lot in reference to places where nobody else has said it's present.

  3. River Song is the next Doctor and begins to follow her opposing timeline in order to alleviate the paradox(es) created during the incident at fields of trenzalore.

  4. Really. REALLY???
    I understand that the other doctors are just too old to fit into the timeline of Dr. Who. But what about Chris Eccelston? Outside of Tom Baker, he was my favorite Doctor. Is this guy chopped liver or what? First you cut him from the show without telling him, now you never bring him back. IS this bad blood or what? Sheesh.


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