Today at the Glasgow Film Festival, director Nick Hurran announced he will be back behind the camera for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. The episode, which will also be broadcast in 3D, will be written by Steven Moffat and starts shooting in April. Hurran has some excellent previous experience on the show having helmed The Girl Who Waited, The God Complex, Asylum of the Daleks and The Angels Take Manhattan.

The director added that he is “over the moon” about shooting the special, rumoured to be ninety minutes, in 3D.


  1. Direction can be so key in helping episodes succeed, and each of those four Series 6/7 adventures are amongst my favourites, so I cannot wait to see Nick's work come November, especially if the rumoured teasing comments from the Moff on The Eleven Doctors are true!

  2. Is it being too much of a party-pooper to say I really don't want to see The Eleven Doctors? I am not in favour of recasting the original parts, and really only McCoy and McGann from the 'classic' era would be suitable to bring back 'as is'. So that makes 4 Doctors total (assuming Chris E is still a no-show) that I would realistically expect, or want to see. Which would more more than enough squee for anyone I would have thought!!!

  3. Wait, it's rumored to be 90 minutes?? That's news worthy of being in the headline! Where'd that come from? Everywhere else I still keep seeing 60 minutes (followed by the moaning and groaning that after splitting a regular season into 2 years already, all we get on the biggest Doctor Who year in a long time… are 2 60 minute specials).

    Actually, now that I've googled it (in multiple forms), the only thing that I can find that comes up as 90 minutes is An Adventure in Space and Time. Is this a typo? Or is there really potentially something to this 90 minute thing…?


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