The countdown continues, and here’s Part 4 of Blogtor’s list of things he’d like to see during the 50th Anniversary celebrations for Doctor Who during 2013. Read Part 1 HERE, Part 2 HERE and Part 3 HERE. PLEASE NOTE: They’re not all entirely serious…

20. Whatever Happened To…?

Ever wondered what became of Ian Chesterton? Have you taken time to think on Tegan? Pondered on Peri? Well, this documentary (fake, obviously – these people aren’t real) looks at all the Doctor’s companions and what they’ve been up to since they’ve departed the TARDIS. It’s a sad old affair; none sadder than Grace Holloway, who got back with Brian…

19. Jeremy Paxman interviews Christopher Eccleston

Although Series One ended up being perfectly brill~skills, its production was blighted by some on~set issues (allegedly). Christopher Eccleston, who older readers may remember played Doctor Who back in 2005, revealed last year that he wasn’t too happy with the behind~the~scenes goings~on, even telling Graham “The Guv’or” Norton that he wouldn’t be coming back. So how better to get the truth of the matter than having Paxo grill Ecclso on the 411.

18. Captain Jack’s Missing Two Years Explained
That. Please.

17. RTD Episode

By the time the show’s 50th B’Day arrives in 2013, it’ll be almost four years since we last watched a new Doctor Who story from the man who brought it back, Russell T Davies. I’m sure over the years he’s had a couple of ideas that are just dying to get out of his head and into the TARDIS. A better treat for the Fiftieth, I cannot imagine. Well, actually, I can. *Checks list* About 16 more – but you get the idea…

16. Doctor Who Meets Big Brother

OK, technically this has kind of already happened but I’m thinking two options:
1) “In~character” Big Brother where various versions of The Doctor live with numerous companions (steady).
2) The actual actors and actress from the show over the years share the house as themselves (with half of them bitching about the new series and how in their day it was much better). Failing that, a Doctor Who version of The Apprentice…

15. BBC Idents

Christmas 2009 was a fun time wasn’t it? Well, on BBC One it was. Seeing the TARDIS with a reindeer or Davey T every half hour or so certainly made the television worth switching on from time to time. But how about EVERY ident for the whole year, featuring EVERY person available from Who’s past (and present). In fact, let’s just get ALL the continuity announcers removed and replaced with Who actors and actresses. THEN the news! etc…

14. The Doctor Pops Up In Old Stories

Now, I’ve never seen Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (having missed the first eight) or indeed its episode, Trials and Tribble-ations, but I’m sure you may be aware of it and what I’m driving at. In that story (broadcast in 1996), the crew of “DS9” (I feel durty just typing those letters/digits) traveled back to visit the cast of the original Star Trek; utilising footage from The Trouble With Tribbles (1967) and crossing the generations with high~larious results! (I imagine, as I say, I ain’t seen it.) Maybe we could have Matt popping up to help Billy H with some of his lines. Or appear in Trial of a Time Lord for an alternative cliffhanger close up. Or make an appearance in one of his own stories! Uh, hold on, he’s done that already…

13. Live Episode

Back in 2005 (ah, memories), BBC Four screened a live version of The Quatermass Experiment (starring, fact fans, David Tennant and Mark Gatiss) and damn good it was too. UK soaps Easties and Corrie have pulled off similar tricks (if slightly more, what’s the word, sh*tter) boosting their audiences in the process. But what about a live version of Doctor Who, broadcast live across the globe to a, erm, live audience. #live Am I saying “live” too much?

12. The Genesis of Dr. Who

Sticking with BBC Four… Those guys and gals have pumped out some excellent “real life” drama specials based on real life people such as The Road to Coronation Street and Lennon Naked (starring Christopher Grumperston, I mean Eccleston), for example. So, may I humbly suggest, that BBC Four tackle the genesis of Doctor Who, looking at the diverse people involved and the car~azy way those car~azy people got such a car~azy show on the road. I should say that, rumour has it, the Beeb are, in fact, already working on a Doctor Who related drama…

11. Return of The Master

I don’t think this needs much explaining. 50th Anniversary needs someone like The Master as an enemy (not the bleedin’ Daleks pur~lease) for the various incarnations of The Doctor to fight (oops, spoilers for the Top 10!). Check out Blogtor’s list of possible candidates for the role when John Simm leaves HERE.

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