Intergalactic time-travelling stars of sci-fi from both sides of the Atlantic are turning out in force this weekend as part of The 7th Annual London 50-hour Improvathon in London, the only event of its kind in Europe. This year the 50-Hour Improvathon, at the Park Theatre from 7.00pm on Friday to 9.00pm on Sunday, has a futuristic setting aboard an intergalactic cruise ship. It’s The Love Boat – in space! A loving homage to all things sci-fi. Robots, aliens and every archetype of the genre – with a few surprises too.
Claudia Christian (Babylon 5’s Commander Susan Ivanova) won’t be there in person but has recorded hundreds of phrases as the voice of the ship’s computer, that will be played at the touch of a button during the shows.
Appearing in person are cult favourites Mark Meer, one of Canada’s top comedians and improvisers (who voices Commander Shepherd in the Mass Effect games among many others) and Dan Starkey (Strax the Sontaran in Doctor Who) who will take part in a special episode inspired by all things Who on Saturday January 25 between 9.00pm and 10.45pm.
With some of the top improvisational performers from around the world gathering together this year, The 7th Annual London 50-hour Improvathon is sure to be a truly memorable experience… You can drop in for just one episode or stay the entire intergalactic distance!
The 7th 50-Hour London Improvathon: 24 – 26 January
Performances: Every 2 hours from 7pm on Friday, Jan 24 to 9pm on Sunday, Jan 26
Complete 50 hour Pass – £55.00
One Episode (90 minutes) – Full Price: £10.00
Concession: £7.00
Each subsequent episode: £5.00
(Please note: £5.00 tickets can only be purchased in person during the 50 hour event)
Age Suitability: 14+
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