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TITAN COMICS: Third Doctor Adventures #2 – A Nostalgic Gem

Doctor Who: Third Doctor #2 Cover B Photo
The Brigadier faces an old adversary as the Doctor attempts to save Jo by travelling through her groovy mind!

With the Third Doctor aghast with confusion from last issue’s cliff-hanger, the Second Doctor reveals he has been sent by the Time Lords to handle the latest alien invasion encountered by UNIT forces. The combination of these incarnations is incredibly funny; the third Doctor’s perplexity and the Second Doctor’s joy at annoying him shares remarkable qualities of two siblings who hate to admit that they need one another.

Doctor Who: Third Doctor #2 Preview
Doctor Who: Third Doctor #2 Preview

Writer Paul Cornell has masterfully brought these characters to life with an eclectic spirit and astute Britishness. The characterisation is delightful and completely fulfils the interactions of a period that is so fondly unique.

A psychological journey

As the two Doctor’s quarrel, Jo becomes victim to the micro machines conversion process which allows Jo’s involvement in the story to tackle a psychological journey through her own mind. This scene offers some sweet moments between the Doctor and his companion as he attempts to prevent the micro machines from infesting Jo’s brain.

There is a splendid mix of psychological meanderings and military angst as the Brigadier encounters a familiar nemesis. It is refreshing to see the Brigadier more intellectually cautious and aware of Time Lord anarchy.

Doctor Who: Third Doctor #2 Preview

One of the highlights of the story includes a fleshy mask used as a parachute as an escape plan which conjures similarities to the balloon of skin seen in the Twelfth Doctor’s first adventure- Deep Breath. The imagination is apt for a period of the show whose ambition favoured the stories very well.

Artist Christopher Jones beautifully visualises the era eloquently; the subtle boldness of colour is used to project those classic seventies oranges and purples. The sharp and detailed character expressions are meticulously presented with patience and energy.

A gem of seventies nostalgia

This issue is a gem of seventies nostalgia and features crackling dialogue, high stake encounters and intelligent character development. If you’re a dedicated fan of the era or have never set eyes on this period of the show, this story will delight and thrill you regardless.

Blogtor Rating: 10/10

THIRD DOCTOR – THE HERALDS OF DESTRUCTION #2 is available now in digital or print form.

Writer: Paul Cornell 
Artist: Christopher Jones 
Cover A: Claudia Ianniciello 
Cover B: PHOTO 
Cover C: JAKe
Cover D: Arianna Florean

FC – 32pp – $3.99 – On sale: October 19, 2016

TITAN COMICS – Doctor Who: Third Doctor #2 Cover A by Claudia Ianniciello
TITAN COMICS – Doctor Who: Third Doctor #2 Cover C by JAKe



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