The BBC has released a new monster collection on 2-disc DVD in the US. ‘Doctor Who: The Weeping Angels’ is dedicated to Steven Moffat’s terrifying creation.

The Angels made their debut in fan favourite ‘Blink’ in 2007, terrifying adults and children alike. Carey Mulligan starred in the “Doctor-lite” episode, who is of course now famous for major Hollywood titles, such as 2013’s ‘The Great Gatsby’ and 2015’s ‘Suffragette’. ‘Blink’ was written by current showrunner Steven Moffat, who has since guided his evil creations like Davros with his Daleks.

This creepy new star went on to appear in the 2010 two-parter ‘The Time of Angels’ and ‘Flesh and Stone’. Moffat raised their level of brutality, snapping necks when zapping their victims back in time. This was followed in 2012 by ‘The Angels Take Manhattan’, and the episode delivered on this promise. Not only did they take Manhattan by embodying the iconic Statue of Liberty, but they also took two companions away.

Whilst Doctor Who is famous for its many monsters, few reach iconic status. The Daleks, the Cybermen and the Sontarans are just a few Who monsters with many decades of legacy behind them. But if any monster from new Who would eventually dethrone them, it would certainly be the Angels.

This region 1 DVD set includes episodes featuring Doctor’s Ten (David Tennant), Eleven (Matt Smith) and Twelve (Peter Capaldi).

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Blink and you’ll miss this exciting collection featuring every Doctor Who appearance of the feared Weeping Angels! Strap in as Doctors David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi race across time and space to stop the fan-favorite monsters, and just try to remember: don t turn your back, don t look away, and whatever you do, don’t blink.


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