Netflix has released a new featurette surrounding their new original series – The Crown starring Claire Foy (Queen Elisabeth) and Matt Smith (Prince Philip).

They are joined by John Lithgow (Sir Winston Churchill), creator Peter Morgan and director Stephen Daldry as they talk us through this new 10-part series. The series begins with the death of King George VI, an event that will change a young 25-year old Princess’ life forever.

Princess Elisabeth is guided by her first Prime Minister Winston Churchill and by husband Prince Philip played by Matt Smith. ‘They are brilliant at going out in public. The Queen particularly wearing the mask of the Queen”, says Smith. “But our series strips it away and we get to them human and exposed”.

This 3-minute feature gives us a look at a very personal story. Going behind closed doors and seeing the humanity of the family. A series that also has the costumes, the uniforms and the scale to tell it as it should be told.

‘The Crown’ will be released exclusively in all territories from the 4th November.

It is produced by Left Bank Pictures in association with Sony Pictures Television. Peter Morgan, Stephen Daldry, Philip Martin, Andy Harries, Suzanne Mackie and Tanya Seghatchian serve as executive producers along with Robert Fox and Matthew Byam Shaw. Andrew Eaton serves as Producer.


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