Tonight at 9pm sees the final episode of the first series of ITV’s stunning costume drama, ‘Victoria’.

But this is not the last you will see of the young Queen. It was announced back in September that ‘Victoria’ will be back for a second series with Jenna Coleman in the titular role. The show’s creator Daisy Goodwin also revealed recently in a Q&A with the Radio Times this sumptuous show will get its own Christmas special in 2017. Perfectly filling a gap left by the award-winning ‘Downton Abbey’.

But back to tonight’s episode – ‘Young England’.

A heavily pregnant Victoria (Jenna Coleman) is frustrated by both Albert (Tom Hughes) and her mother’s (Catherine Flemming) attempts to confine her to the Palace.

Victoria is, however, determined to show herself in public. Deciding to go for a drive she sadly finds herself accosted by an unhinged admirer, desperate to free her from her ‘German tyrant’. Whilst Victoria is taken aback, she is resolute that it will not frighten her and despite Albert’s misgiving, goes out again. Albert goes with her. This time, they are shot at by a man in the crowd, Edward Oxford.

Meanwhile, Cumberland (Peter Firth) arrives in London, hoping that Victoria may die in childbirth, as he is still the heir Presumptive.


Victoria – Jenna Coleman
Prince Albert – Tom Hughes
King Leopold – Alex Jennings
Duke of Cumberland – Peter Firth
Duchess of Kent – Catherine Flemming
Baroness Lehzen – Daniela Holtz
Skerrett – Nell Hudson
Francatelli – Ferdinand Kingsley
Brodie – Tommy Knight
Sir Robert Peel – Nigel Lindsay
Mrs Jenkins – Eve Myles
Prince Ernest – David Oakes
Penge – Adrian Schiller
Lohlein – Basil Eidenbenz
Edward Oxford – Harry McEntire
Lady Emma Portman – Anna Wilson-Jones
Harriet, Duchess of Sutherland – Margaret Clunie
Lord Alfred Paget – Jordan Waller
Capt Childers – Andrew Scarborough
Abigail Owen – Aoife Kennan
Eliza – Samantha Colley
Sir James Clark – Robin Soans
Police inspector – John Hodgkinson


Director – Olly Blackburn
Executive Producers – Daisy Goodwin, Damien Timmer & Dan McCulloch
Producer – Paul Frift
Writer – Daisy Goodwin


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