Doctor Who: The Whoniverse: The Untold Story of Space and Time
Doctor Who: The Whoniverse: The Untold Story of Space and Time
Writers George Mann and Justin Richards will be at Forbidden Planet’s Megastore in London on the 27th October signing copies of their new exciting book, ‘The Whoniverse’.

Doctor Who: The Whoniverse: The Untold Story of Space and Time is filled with full-colour maps, charts, and artefacts. The book explores the untold histories of other planets and other life forms like the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the Sontarans. It takes you to the formation of the Earth around the Racnoss eggs and creation of life. Through the eventual expansion of the Sun and the end of the world, beyond New Earth and Utopia.

The Whoniverse is a dramatic retelling of the uprisings, wars and battles that formed the Doctor Who’s universe, and an astonishing compendium of the races that live within it. It is the definitive, essential companion to this universe, and any other.

This 322-page hardcover book will be released on October 25th in the US and October 27th in the UK.

About the Authors

Justin Richards is a celebrated writer and Creative Consultant to the BBC Books range of Doctor Who books. He is the author of other Who titles such, Doctor Who: The Timelord Letters, Doctor Who: Essential Guide to 50 years of Doctor Who and Doctor Who’s 100 Scariest Monsters. Richards also writes audio dramas for Big Finish and many other non-who stories.

George Mann is the author of the bestselling Doctor Who: Engines of War and Newbury & Hobbes steampunk mystery series, as well as numerous other novels, short stories and original audiobooks. Mann is also part of the team that bring many Doctor Who adventures through Titan Comics.

To pre-order ‘The Whoniverse visit Amazon UKAmazon US and Forbidden Planet. The book will also be available at the London Megastore on signing day. George Mann and Justin Richards will be around to sign copies between 6 and 7pm.


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