Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor (c) BBC
Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor (c) BBC
Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston took time out recently to talk to Raf Epstein on 774 ABC Melbourne’s Drive radio programme about his series, ‘The Left Overs’ currently filming in the city.  But talk eventually turned to Doctor Who.

Back in 2005 Eccleston was chosen to be the new Doctor Who in the shows re-boot engineered by Russell T. Davis. But as many know this was not completely the best time for Eccleston. But all the same, he is very ‘”proud to have worked through the chaos”.

But with that pride also comes a sense of sorrow. “It was kind of tragic for me, that I didn’t play him for longer. He’s a beautiful character [The Doctor] and I have a great deal of professional pride and had I done a second season, there would have been a marked improvement in my performance. I was learning new skills, in terms of playing light comedy. I was not known for light comedy and, again, production did not allow for that.”

But even after a wibbly-wobbly start, the show survived. Eccleston goes on to praise the following regenerations, Tennant, Smith and Capaldi as being “brilliant”. “I know how brilliant they are as I have been inside it and I know how difficult it is.”

In the eyes of many Doctor Who fans Eccleston portrayal was still fantastic even with only one season under his belt. He will always be remembered with much fondness for making the shows return possible and for giving the next regenerations something to build on.

You can listen to the interview below. Eccleston also talks about the recent BBC series, ‘The A Word currently airing in Australia.


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