Seasons Greetings!

Who doesn’t love the holidays? T’is the season for family, friends and of course gifts. We spoil one another or at the very least try to make time for those we love. Candy Jar Books are no exception as you know they love their readers.

This year Candy Jar have sent a long a nice gift for our readers and theirs. Below is a link to their sampler. It’s full of short stories, excerpts from their upcoming books and their not all Doctor Who and Lethbridge-Stewart related. This way you can get a taste for everything they have to offer. You may just find your favourite new title in here.

A nice feature is that links are included with each story so that you can pre-order any story that may have caught your imagination!

Included Stories:

Candy Jar Books 2019 Christmas

Lucy Wilson Mysteries: The Mobile Army by Cherry Cobb
Tributes by Terry Cooper
Lost in Christmas by Michael Sloan
Home For Christmas from The HAVOC Files 3

Click here to get those stories.

And don’t forget to check out their Christmas sale as well!

Happy New Year!


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