Clara's Memorial TADIS
Clara’s Memorial TADIS

When it comes to the Doctor Who Experience, there will always be some Time Lord tinkering at work – here’s what’s new for the 2016 Doctor Who Experience this half term that will truly make it bigger on the inside.

There comes a time in Doctor Who where the fandom must bid a final farewell to a beloved companion – and a first hello to the new! Between the 28th May and the 4th June, the Doctor Who Experience will be marking the passing of the companion torch. Customers will have the opportunity to glimpse the future as Pearl Mackie’s Bill costume will be displayed in its full glory at the exhibition. Clara fans needn’t worry either, for her TARDIS memorial from series 9’s heartbreaking Face the Raven will be put on show for visitor pleasure (or mourning). This is also limited time only, so be sure to hurry on down before it dematerialises.

Bill's Jacket - Doctor Who
Bill’s Jacket – Doctor Who

Of course, Doctor Who isn’t only about its contemporary episodes. Visitors will have the chance to step back in time and learn the long legacy behind creating Davros. Mike Tucker, one of Doctor Who’s most distinguished visual and model effects specialists, will chip in to display the original Davros from one of Doctor Who’s most distinguished episodes – 1975’s Genesis of the Daleks. Visitors will have the chance to find out how that monstrous head cast was discovered, and as part of the restoration program, fan participation will be at an all-time high: as the creative team has teased fan choice as to what will be restored next.

Fan participation is further amplified, as customers can now experience their own Zygon Inversion! Millenium FX, the company responsible for making those conniving shapeshifters, will be stopping by to casually transform select customers into Zygons. This will be taking place on Tuesday 31st May and Wednesday 1st June, which will allow what are sure to be some scary, albeit fun shenanigans.

It doesn’t stop there. Whilst the creative team is hard at work restoring the monsters, fans are encouraged to share their passion for the show by restoring its companions: through traditional cosplay. Cardiff will no doubt become a hub for Rose Tylers, Amy Ponds and Sarah Jane Smiths to be walking around in their thousands, and the production home of Doctor Who is poised to be as bold as ever.

Tickets for the experience can be bought from the website.

In the meantime, join the celebrations and spread the Doctor Who Experience’s hashtag! #BeTheCompanion.


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