Included here is a collection of posts relating to this year’s Christmas Special, The Doctor, The Widow & the Wardrobe – it’ll be updated regularly (or when stuff happens, at least).

Audio Commentary
New clip
DVD details and artwork
Blogtor’s spoiler~free review
New images
Three clips
Audio clip
New trailer
Two clips
The Prequel
Special Preview Podcast
Trailer No. 1
Lots of Promotional Pictures
Even more promo pics

More promo pics
New promo pic
First promo pic
Matt Smith interview
Steven Moffat introduction
Matt Smith on the Christmas Special
Alexander Armstrong interview

Claire Skinner interview
Karen Gillan: 2011 special is more “Christmassy” than last year
Bill Bailey: “humanoid, futuristic space parky”
More Cast details
Filming pics
Cast news and story details
Filming pics [SPOILERS]
Casting news
Matt Smith – BBC 5Live interview

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  1. I just hope it's a bit better than last year's effort otherwise I might watch "The Borrowers" instead with Christopher Eccleston instead.

  2. Who is the woman far right of the picture?

    Also, looking forward to some LOTR/Ent style action with the big guy in the middle!

    Though Narnia being more Christmassy than A Christmas Carol? Why would Karen Gillan say that, especially if she isn't in it…?

  3. It was more Christmassy because it was on a planet with naturally occurring Christmas Trees, and had the one thing that makes the holiday powerful….family getting together, reuniting them even when they might be thought of as dead.


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