Funko Doctor Who POP! vinyl figures.
Funko Doctor Who POP! vinyl figures.

Funko have today announced the third line of their wildly popular Doctor Who POP! vinyl figures.

This new collection includes The Tenth Doctor and his hand, War Doctor, The Eleventh Doctor/Mr Clever, The Twelfth Doctor and his Guitar and a 6′ Davros.

Collectors like the POP! vinyl figures because they are well-made and plain old cute. Since many collectors never open the box, the attractive packaging with a clear window is especially appealing.

The Doctor Who POP! vinyl figures in this collection (except Davros) stand around 3 3/4″ tall.

For UK fans Forbidden Planet now has these great news figures to pre-order at a reduced price. The release date is expected around the 31st August 2016. While Entertainment Earth has them available in the US for $10.99. The release is September 2016.

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  1. The Davros figure is not a Super-Sized Pop. It comes in a 6-inch box but is actually slightly bigger than the standard 3 3/4-inch Pop. My guess is that it doesn’t fit comfortably into the regular 4-inch box which is why they went up to the 6-inch size for the packaging. It’s very unfortunate that Funko is asking fans to pay the Super-Size price for a 4-inch Pop.

  2. I really like this new line of Doctor Who Pops. I’m so glad they did a new version of the tenth doctor. I’ve received mine and it’s really well done, the details on it are really nice. Apparently, more Doctor Who Pops are already in the works at Funko.


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