Ewan McGregor - Solid Geometry (2002)
Ewan McGregor – Solid Geometry (2002)

One of the truly enjoyable things about running this website that you stumble on some true gems that you otherwise would have missed. This past month we were sent a copy of the 30 minute TV programme, SOLID GEOMETRY.  The short was filmed in 2002 and starred Ewan McGregor, Ruth Millar, and a younger Peter Capaldi.  (Ah, now you see why we received a copy.)

Interestingly the producers are re-issuing SOLID GEOMETRY.  There will be collector’s limited edition of 1,000 later this year, so we definitely thought it was worth a review.

The Story:

Phil (McGregor) and Maisie (Millar) are a young married couple living the high life.  They have all the money, alcohol, drugs and sex they want.  They party hard and enjoy themselves.   But that all change when Phil’s father sends him a copy of his great-great grandfather’s secret diaries.  His grandfather wanted the strange and fascinated collection of books transcribed and published.  So after his death, he left Phil £20,000 to finish the work he never completed.

At first, Phil ignores the idea.  They are boring.  Full of maths and strange ideas about sex.  But slow and surely he becomes obsessed with the tales embedded in the old books.  His ancestor disappeared without a trace. Phil becomes compelled to understand whether he had anything to do with some powerful mathematical geometry and strange acquaintance of his great-great grandfather.

SOLID GEOMETRY is best described as sci-fi supernatural tale that could easily fit in an adult version of the Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits.  It has the same tone and quirkiness.  You never know quite what happened or exactly where the plot is going.  But the story draws you in regardless and leaves more open questions than answers.  Oh, there is also a very odd pickled penis in a bottle.  Loved to have heard its story.

Peter Capaldi - Solid Geometry
Peter Capaldi – Solid Geometry

A Stellar Cast and Crew:

The story is based on a short novel by Ian McEwan.   (Now running off to find the original source of the material.)  It also has an interesting pedigree with roots back to Star Wars and Doctor Who.  As we said Peter Capaldi is featured and portrays the mathematician / scientist who makes the fateful discovery.  There are shades of the mad Doctor in his portrayal along with some very Tennant like sideburns.

The Star Wars reference is a bit more interesting.  It obviously stars the future Obi-wan (Ben) Kenobi, Ewan McGregor but it is written and directed by McGregor’s uncle, Denis Lawson – Wedge Antillis.  Lawson does an excellent job with cult classic.

Finally one tidbit for everyone.  We all know that Peter is an trained artist.  He did a lot of the design work on the flower special effects with Denis Lawson.

Jonathan Watson, Peter Capaldi - Solid Geometry (2002)
Jonathan Watson, Peter Capaldi – Solid Geometry (2002)

Peter Capaldi News / Blogtor Who Rating: 8.5/10

Warning:   This is a very adult tale.  There’s a significant amount of sex and drugs. It is not for the younger audiences and VERY NSFW.



Limited Edition to be Available in Region 1 and Region 2 Formats LATER THIS YEAR.
Currently the original version is available


  • Director: Denis Lawson
  • Writer: Denis Lawson
  • Ian McEwan (Short Story)
  • Producers: Lawrence Henry, Stella Maris, Gary Parry, Gill Parry,
  • Executive Producer Carole Sheridan, Agnes Wilde
  • Composer Nick Bicât
  • Director of Photography: Robin Vidgeon



  • EwanMcGregor – Phil
  • Ruth Millar – Maisie
  • Peter Capaldi – David Hunter
  • Jonathan Watson – Patrick Murray
  • John Murtagh – Dr. Vosse
  • Angela Darcy – Phil’s Friend
  • James Lyon – Sound Engineer
  • Beth Marshall – Phil’s Friend
  • Frank Miller – Actor
  • Stuart Wilkinson – Phil’s Friend


  1. Does anyone know where I can buy or watch this film? I have been looking everywhere. Any help is greatly appreciated


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