Doctor Who Magazine 499
Doctor Who Magazine 499

The latest edition of the Doctor Who Magazine is out today and blazoned on the cover is the Doctors greatest foe – Davros, as depicted by Target Books and their first regular artist Chris Achilleos.

As the art of the Target books is celebrated in a new exhibition, Doctor Who Magazine has talked to Chris Achilleos about his work. “I didn’t need direction – I knew how to do a cover. I was always very aware that a book cover needs to be attractive – almost interactive, in a way – so that you’re drawn to pick it up in a shop. I still think they work as good punchy covers.”

Target book fan and modern-day Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss, another fan of the artwork says, “The Three Doctors was my first and perhaps still my favourite,” he says warmly. “The incredibly evocative orange and green luridness of Omega’s deadly fingers, the Doctors themselves in grave monochrome. I still get a Proustian rush from seeing these images.”

Also in this new issue is an exclusive interview with Claire Higgins, High Priestess of the Sisterhood of Karn, who explains that Ohila could be the Doctor’s mother. There’s a chat with Doctor Who’s executive producer Brain Minchin about the operation to reveal the identity of the Doctor’s new companion and a look at Russell T Davies’ return to BBC Wales with his production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

There is plenty official news, reviews, competitions, previews of the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases and more.

Doctor Who Magazine 499 is on sale from Thursday 28 April 2016, price £4.99.


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