Doctor Who Magazine Issue 497
Doctor Who Magazine Issue 49

The new edition of the Doctor Who magazine, out this Thursday is a special tribute to the Doctor Who TV movie which celebrations its 20th birthday this year.

The movie, a British/American/Canadian collaboration appeared on our TV’s in May 1996, an attempt to revive the series which ended in 1989. The movie saw the end of Sylvester McCoy’s seventh Doctor and one of only two television appearances of the eighth Doctors incarnation created by Paul McGann. The second came in 2013 with ‘The Night of the Doctor’. The Doctor was joined by a new companion Grace Holloway, a medical doctor played by Daphne Ashbrook and a new incarnation of The Master played by American actor Eric Roberts. Although the film did well in the UK, the show was still denied a further regeneration into a new series. We had to wait till 2005 for that when Russell T Davies and Christopher Eccleston (Ninth Doctor) brought it back with a bang.

So to celebrate this special Who birthday, the Doctor Who magazine brings us new interviews with Paul McGann, who also graces the cover, Daphne Ashbrook, Eric Roberts, Gordon Tipple and Yee Jee Tso.

There are previously unseen photos from the movie and look at what this film has done for Doctor Who that followed. Along with a chat with BBC producer Jo Wright on what it took to get this film made.

Doctor Who Magazine: TV Movie Tribute Edition issue 497 is out Thursday, 3rd March.


  1. Dear Diane,

    I came across your article while researching the Doctor Who movie for the book I’m writing about Eric Roberts. It seems that the 20th Anniversary Tribute Edition has some interesting insights and I might end up buying it on ebay.
    As you define yourself as a big fan of the series, I wanted to ask you for your opinion about Eric Roberts in it – anything really that comes to mind.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you



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