Well in case you missed it, the 13th Doctor will be announced today immediately after Wimbledon.  There’s not much information on how this will be announced, but we are expecting a short video clip so we can all say “Hello, Doctor. It’s very nice to meet you.”

The Doctor is a unique role, requiring both acting chops and ambassadoral skills.  They have to be charismatic both on the screen and off.  They must champion the show, be able to interact with fans and answer any complication, complex problem from why you need to “reverse the polarity of the neutron flow” and what is a the next “big red button that should never be pushed.

Kris Marshal - Death in Paradise - BBC
Kris Marshal – Death in Paradise – BBC

There are several rumours out there about who the next Doctor might be but the lead according to the bookies is Kris Marshall (Death in Paradise, Love Actually).  Also on the betting list is Jodie Whittaker (Broadchurch) with an outside chance of David Harewood (Homeland).

David Harewood - Vivienne Westwood show - Photo by Richard Young
David Harewood – Vivienne Westwood show – Photo by Richard Young

We at Blogtor Who have discussed this for quite a bit and our thoughts are that BBC will be going with a relatively unknown, 30ish male actor.  That has been the winning formula for many years now — with Matt Smith, David Tennant and even Tom Baker.   On that note, Alexandar Vlahos (Versailles, Big Finish) would meet that description.

Beth Latimer (Jodie Whittaker) Broadchurch Series 3 Episode 1 (c) ITV
Beth Latimer (Jodie Whittaker) Broadchurch Series 3 Episode 1 (c) ITV

Whoever is chosen, it is a time for a huge change for Doctor Who.  We will have a new Showrunner, Chris Chibnall, a new Doctor and with the departure of Pearl Mackie as the popular Bill Potts, a new companion as well.

Alexander Vlahos - Big Finish - Hamlet
Alexander Vlahos – Versailes

So you have a few more hours to let us know your thought and hope.

Do you have a favourite?

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Susan Hewitt
Susan Hewitt is the Editor and Site Owner of Blogtor Who. She has loved all Doctor Who for over 5 decades now. Prisoner, Blake-7, Space-1999, Star Wars and Star Trek were also huge favourites. Her favourite Doctor is Tom Baker with Peter Capaldi following in a close second. However, David Tennant does rank as one of her favourite actors particular due to his brilliant work in theatre.


  1. I think there’s a chance no one at all reads this site and everyone is over at Den of Geek….

  2. I certainly read this site and enjoy it. I think few are commenting because we just want to KNOW rather than to speculate any further.


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