With only five days until the big day, how’s the prep going? Still at it? Well, why not take a well-deserved break and enter day 9 of our 12 days of Christmas Giveaway.

Today we have three great classic Doctor Who stories from David Whittaker, Terry Nation and Bill Strutton. Three special facsimile editions of Doctor Who and the Zarbi, Doctor Who and the Daleks and Doctor Who and the Crusaders. A must for any classic Doctor Who fan.

To win these special books just answer the question below…

Question: On what planet do the Doctor and Vikki find themselves in Doctor Who and the Zarbi?

Email your answer to the address below with the subject line ‘12 day Giveaway – Day 9’. Only answers submitted by email will be accepted.

Staying with the ’12’ theme, each competition will be open for just 12 hours. All entries need to be submitted by 9pm BST, December 20th. Any entries submitted after this time will not be included. Winners will be notified within 24hrs.

As with all contests, there are some rules and regulations:

  • You must be over 16 to enter. (You will need a parent to enter for you if you are too young.)
  • Your name, address, email, age and contest answer must be sent to with the relevant subject name.
  • Blogtor Who will randomly select a winner from the list of correctly answered entries.
  • Contributors, family and friends connected to Blogtor Who are not eligible to enter the competition.
  • Most prizes will be available worldwide; however, some are restricted. Any restrictions will be announced in the post.
  • Blogtor Who will pay for shipping costs. If there are any duty or customs charges the winner is responsible for paying the charges.



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