Whilst the world awaits the announcement of who will play The Twelfth Doctor – read all about Sunday’s live Doctor Who television show HERE – many people are wondering who should play Doctor number “12”. So here
are my 12 suggestions for The “Twelfth” Doctor – based on likelihood of
playing the role and availability. Let the insanity begin! (Feel free to
leave your thoughts in the comments section below.)


Lovely Lucy displayed a deft gift for comedy on Series One of the much unseen Vexed from BBC Two (brilliant btw, do check it out). Her awkward gait and tittersome physicality would make for a delicious Time Lady (and not un-Matt Smith-like). Lucy has been doing a lot of big Hollywood comedies of late (Dinner For Schmucks, Bad Teacher for example) but The Doctor could be the role perfect for her abilities and make a name for herself.


Without seeming like a boring old misogynist, Lara did make quite the splash when she nakeded it up beside Benny Thundersnatch in that slightly~more~popular~than~Doctor Who television show, Sherlock. She would make quite a mean and nasty Doctor so one wonders if they ever decide to fem The Master up, then Pulver would be even better for that role. (Note to self: do an “Actresses Who Should Be The Master” list.)



She’s already starred in Doctor Who, though I’m sure you already knew that (Russell T Davies’ brilliant 2007 episode, Gridlock), but that should not be a barrier to Lenora to becoming the new Doctor. For some years the actress delighted fans in BBC Three’s Being Human and she’ll undoubtedly be searching for that next big role to launch her into stardom.


Like Leonora, Ingrid has already starred in an episode of Doctor Who. Which one you ask? Well, one that hasn’t aired yet – the 50th Anniversary Special (pictured above on set, behind~the~scenes). But I’m sure we can get round that (I seem to remember Romana choosing a recent guest cast member’s appearance as her own during a regeneration). Most people will know her from the fantastic BBC Two sketch show Watson & Oliver (she’s Oliver), where there’s already been a few Doctor Who references, so one suspects Ingrid is fan. Would be nice to have one of those at the helm of the TARDIS again!


Another slightly predictable Sherlock choice here but I’m sure you’ll forgive me. Louise played the loveable but unloved (by whats~his~face anyway) Molly Hooper and created quite the fandom of her own. Her humble and meek-like qualities in the role could transfer neatly for a much more low-key Doctor and, as an excellent writer, Brealey could even shake things up on the story front with a women behind the words.


For me, it was a great shame when Rita was killed off in the 2011 episode, The God Complex, as she was such a good character and would have been a superb companion; her instant chemistry with Matt Smith was a joy to watch. Amara would be a very classy choice indeed.


Older readers may remember Yasmin starred in a little show called The Sarah Jane Adventures as one of the main cast back in its first series. There she played plucky Sarah Jane Smith wannabe Maria Jackson but more recently Yasmin has been thoroughly impressing in works like Submarine (directed by another possible Twelfth Doctor candidate, Richard Ayoade) and BBC Three’s series, Pramface. The youngest contender here, but that certainly shouldn’t count against her.


I mean, she’s like the fem-William Hartnell, isn’t she? Tilda possesses an utterly unique look that is so alien and so otherly, it’s a wonder she isn’t actual a Time Lady in real life. The OSCAR winning actress (for Michael Clayton) is probably a bit too “movie” for Doctor Who but Tilda strikes me as the kind of person who does what they please – perhaps SteeMo could use his Scottish charm (not a euphemism) to persuade her into the TARDIS…


Sophie, of course, has already popped up on Doctor Who a few times already (as Liz Ten in The Beast Below and The Pandorica Opens and alongside Richard E Grant in the animated Scream of the Shalka) and her career is one that certainly glitters (having being OSCAR nominated for Hotel Rwanda and BAFTA nominated for her portrayal of Winnie Mandela). Sophie will soon be seen alongside former Who~er David Tennant in The Escape Artist on the BBC but let’s hope the BEEB ask her to stay on the small screen for some space and time travel hi-jinx.


Ah, national treasure Olly Colly. Everyone lurves a bit of Colman at the moment. For years Olivia laughed it up the screen in shows like Peep Show, Look Around You and Green Wing but now, after devastating roles in Tyrannosaur and the mind-blowingly good Broadchurch (packed full of Who alumni), she really is the choice du jour (not to mention the fact she’s already been in Doctor Who, Matt Smith’s debut The Eleventh Hour). Her range is fantastic, and she’d have no trouble in piloting the TARDIS, falling in love with her companion and crying at the death of any aliens she vanquished. There would be a lot of crying.


A personal favourite this one. Andrea’s career has been fascinating since her scintillating small screen series Party Animals back in 2007 (also starring Matt Smith, remember him?), blazing a trail in works like The Devil’s Whore (with John Simm), blockbusting it on Oblivion and Welcome to the Punch and she even performed the task of making Margaret Thatcher seem beautiful and sympathetic in the brilliant BBC Four drama, The Long Walk to Finchley. Andrea’s also got a great light touch, as seen in the fun Magicians, which is a massive plus for the role of The Doctor. For me, the actress has a certain something, a certain unknowable but hugely engaging and fascinating something; a very Doctor-y quality. Almost the top of the pile…

But before we get to the Number One position, here are some of the amazing ladies who very nearly made my top twelve, but just missed out: Olivia Hallinan, Gillian Anderson, Catherine Tate, Romola Garai, Sharon Horgan, Suranne Jones, Lesley Sharp, Keeley Hawes, Neve McIntosh, Daisy Haggard, Eve Myles, Jessica Hynes and Sue Perkins. So here’s the tippity of the toppity…


Quirky. Kooky. And most definitely quite amazing. Helena is the perfect choice for The Doctor, hands down. Despite being a bona fide, and hugely successful, movie star (Fight Club, Les Misérables, The King’s Speech and the Harry Potter films for just a short example of her stunning CV), Helena likes to TV it up regularly, and specifically for the BBC – The Gruffalo short films, BBC Four’s Enid and the upcoming docudrama Burton & Taylor. It seems that no matter the medium, Helena likes to take on work she likes, and what better way to show off your skills, to fully display your talents than the role of everyone’s favourite Gallifreyan, The Doctor.

And while she’s filming, Helena could get her hubby, who is a fan, along for some directing!

12 Actors for the 12th Doctor


  1. I for one will stop watching DW if it is a woman picked to play the 12th. This is not a sexist comment in the least but come on guys its a tradition that the Doctor is a man. And in this 50th year celebration breaking a well established tradition will be like hammering the nails into its coffin. Go with a women when the time is right and not during this 50th year.

    Personally I think it will be a slightly older male actor who lands the part.

  2. Some good suggestions! It would not surprise me at all if they went with an actress this time around. It feels it is time.

  3. It's not going to be a woman. Casting an actress would probably limit a lot of episode settings because of historical sexism. People in many past eras simply wouldn't listen to or have time for a strong female personality, let alone one who claims to be a doctor.

    The TARDIS is a writer's dream because of the infinite possibility it presents. They wouldn't cast a woman, because they wouldn't want to limit that possibility.

  4. Another four strong female contenders for the 12th Doctor, in my opinion, would be Christine Bottomley, Zoe Telford, Laura Donnelly and Lily Loveless.


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