Doctor Who Short Trips - Lost and Found
Doctor Who Short Trips – Lost and Found

It’s amazing what the writers of Big Finish Production’s Short Trips range can do in such a short time.

In just 37 minutes writer Penelope Faith manages to tell a story with two very distinct feels to it.

It starts as a small, personal, story like the ones new Doctor Who is so good at telling. The second Doctor and his companions Ben and Polly find themselves in London of 1948. A city still in ruins after the blitz of the Second World War where the hungry population is in the grip of rationing. Polly is reminded of her beloved teddy bear which she lost in a trip to a department store. The moment, she raises the lost toy you just know that the Doctor is going to take her and Ben on a bear hunt.

But when they get to the department store the trio discovers plans for an alien invasion. The change in tone to big and earth shattering is not unusual for Doctor Who, Series 1’s Father’s Day comes to mind, but it is unusual in such a short time.

Anneke Wills, who played Polly on television back in the day, takes reading duty on this one. But director Lisa Bowerman’s take on the story means Lost and Found is a little more than a straight reading.

Big Finish – Doctor Who – Short Trips – Lost and Found

  • The post-war London of 1948 is rebuilding, the people are recovering, and Ben and Polly have arrived with an old friend with a new face. But they’re not the only visitors. A very different kind of war is being fought, in a department store, and they are in the middle of it…
  • Producer: Ian Atkins
  • Script Editor: Ian Atkins
  • Executive Producers: Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs
  • Written By: Penelope Faith
  • Directed By: Lisa Bowerman
  • Cast: Anneke Wills (Narrator)


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