Yes, another list! With some seven or eight months ’til the return of Doctor Who you better get used to this sort of thing… (not really). Below you’ll find ten characters that Blogtor thinks would make excellent returnees to the show. Feel free to comment below…


One of the biggest disappointments, for me, in Doctor Who since RTD has left has been the absence of news reader, Trinity Wells. She’s one of the few characters to appear in the triumvirate of Torchwood, The Sarah Jane Adventures and Who; leaving Matt Smith’s Whoniverse devoid of some proper authoritative anchor action. This needs to be addressed! *


Third time’s a charm? The Doctor’s onetime flatmate James Corden made for a delightful chum for the Time Lord and the chemistry between Smith and the Gavin & Stacey star is palpable. The Lodger and Closing Time, both written by the wonderful Gareth Roberts, showed that boys could be boys even with an alien threat taking place right beneath or, rather, above them. A Trilogy of Craig Owens isn’t too much to ask, is it???


Curiously, according to Russell T Davies, it was at the suggestion of Steven Moffat, that the newly created offspring of The Doctor should be kept alive and not killed off (though SteeMo has since stated he can’t remember this). Jenny, incredibly, first appeared almost four years ago and, even more incredibly, ain’t bumped into her dad yet. Probably too busy smooching David Tennant

Surely Harkness has to make a return at some point?? I mean, his debut was in a SteeMo story after all! (You know, the one where everyone lived? No, no that one. The one with the creepy kid. No, not that one either. You know, the one with the catchphrase. No, the other one where people came back to life. *sigh* No, not that one either. The one where a child with a mask tries to kill people. No, that was a helmet…. *and so on*) Barrowman has said that he would love to come back and Moffat hasn’t ruled it out – most likely for the 50th Anniversary, one imagines.


The modern day equivalent of the Valeyard proved to be a hit with the kids as Toby Jones oozed intense calmness and creepiness in abundance as the other Doctor. The ending of Amy’s Choice certainly suggested that the Time Lord’s self loathing and nastiness had not left him but how should The Dream~a~tron manifest himself again? Perhaps in a delicious smack~down with The Master? That I would lurve to see…


Phwoar! Gimme a lesbo lizard and her beautiful companion any day and I’m as happy as a sand boy! SteeMo has already stated the a spin~off featuring the couple would be great (though he doesn’t have time to write currently). To be honest, the gals should have appeared in the recent Companions Top 10 but I forgot to place them. Let that mistake be rectified and let’s see Vastra and Jenny battle off a Victorian menace, perhaps with aid of Jago and Litefoot…?


Furthering the “gay” “agenda”* is the Series Six opener star Mark Sheppard. Along with The Silence, Canton stole the show as the gruff 6ixties agent with a sharp line in shades and an eye for the handsome man. It’s always nice to have a non~British accent in Doctor Who (oh, the irony) and Shepherd added a great deal of style, regardless of his penchant for firearms. Would also make an excellent TARDIS companion.

Without wanting to sound like some lustful old man – corr, I don’t half fancy the TARDIS. Doctor’s wife or not, Suranne Jones’ insane Mary Poppins~esque Idris was my personal highlight of Series 6ix. Not only that, her relationship with Matt was exquisite and quite unlike anything previously seen. Ideally, she would be a companion (I forgot about her too) but I’d be more than happy to see her pop by every now and then. I suggest all the Doctor’s partying with/in her for the 50th…


I do so miss Donna. And Wilf. Cathy T and Berny C lit up Doctor Who like never before or since. There was a very special moment in the history of the show when these two legends graced the series. Turn Left is still one of my favourite stories in the Whoeuvre and neatly demonstrates the supreme skills of the performers more known for their comedic roles, yet able to prise open a pandorica of emotion. Though some may want to leave their time untouched, I’m greedy – I want more of the twosome. However, The End of Time did rather signal their end so I won’t hold my breath…


Speaking of memories, John Simm and his insaniacal (I’m sure that’s a word) renegade Time Lord (is there any other kind?) brought Series Three to a tumultuous close. The Simm~a~nator, as no one calls him, didn’t fail to entertain and scare (and make teary) on his return for Davey T’s final hurrah. Though he’s been slightly cagey on a re~appearance, saying he was Tennant’s Master, Simm isn’t putting the notion out of question. Of course, Moffat got tongues wagging recently when the two made contact on Twitter. Can Blogtor humbly suggest one final story, possibly regenerating into Benedict Cumberbatch?

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  1. Steven Moffat wanted to use Captain Jack in A Good Man Goes To War but John Barrowman was too busy with Miracle Day. But with Torchwood sadly being put on hold for an unknown amount of time because of RTD's personal commitment to his partner, my thoughts are with him at this difficult time, there's a good chance Captain Jack could be returning soon if a story fits for him. As for Simm, well he said in an interview he was Tennant's Master but Moff has said since that Simm said to him straight afterwards that he was only saying that and would love to return. And if I remember the story correctly Moff wanted him back at some point.

  2. I would like to see the return of Amy Pond and Rory as full time companions again! I don't want them to leave! I can't imagine Matt with anyone else!

  3. The Master was first imagined to be the 'Moriarty' to equal and contrast the Doctor, so clearly John Simm needs to come back and regenerate into Andrew Scott 😉

    Agree that Toby Jones' Dream Lord needs to return. I would also love to see the return of Agatha Christie, but my number one choice for returning character would be Julian Bleach's Davros!

    • I agree about Sally sparrow! I would also like to see Jenny Who return and travel with her father for a while

  4. 10 No, 9 Yes, 8 yes, 7 yes, 6 no 5 no 4 yes 3 yes 2 yes 1 no And a "flashback" with Tennant would be fun as well since we are dealing with all this timey wimey stuff anyway.

  5. How could you forget Davros? Bad Blogtor. Bad, bad Blogtor! Idris is probably my favourite character of the SteeMo era and I'd love to see her back, but not sure how that could happen. Captain Jack must return for the 50th – he's such an important and iconic member of the Whoniverse – and I seriously think I would explode with joy at the return of John Simm's Master. And while he has time to spare, SteeMo should write a series of their own for Vastra and Jenny.

  6. Rose and TenToo….
    I still want to know how they're living there on the other universe. Felt like an open ending.
    At least for one episode, I'd like to see Billie Piper and David Tennant back.

    And please…PLEASE bring Craig back!

  7. Yes! Seven-thousand yesses for Canton. I was disappointed we didn't see him back for The Wedding. I presumed he must've been involved, given that he got the fourth envelope. All left to our imaginations, sadly. Aghhh. 45 minutes weren't enough.

    Simm's Master, too, I'd love to see again – and he'd be on the top of my list, too – but I do love how scarce he is. Only appears on special occasions. He's not a stock villain, like the cybermen, judoon or sontarans, nor an annual villain like the daleks. Only turns up on special occasions. Like the idea of him having a trilogy of stories. It's meant to be, isn't it? Surely.

  8. Interesting list.

    10: Maybe for a present day earth episode.
    9: I think it's almost safe to bet we'll see him for one more story during Matt's tenure.
    8: Maybe, I'm in no rush to see the character.
    7: 50th anniversary as River fulfils the same dynamic on the show.
    6: If there's a story for him, most definitely. Loved the character.
    5: Hell yes. Wonderful creations. A Victorian adventure surely to happen.
    4: Honestly he'd make a wonderful companion and I bet the actor would do it in a heartbeat.
    3: Again if there's a story for her.
    2: No, love them but the show's moved. 50th definitely but aside from that – no.
    1: Absolutely. This has to happen during Series 7.

  9. I wish they would invite Bernard Cribbins back and in the story the Doctor reminds
    Wilfred that he first meat the Doctor when he was a police man back in the 60's
    As we all know P.C. Tom Campbell had to change his name to Wilfred to hide his identity
    due to a police case he was involved in.

  10. I'd like to see the return of Susan or Romana. The former might well have the Doctor on the receiving end of a lot of pent-up anger at being abandoned. The latter might work well if the writers decide to experiment with the Doctor in a romantic relationship. (A real one, not this business with River Song where they can't stay together for very long.) The return of Susan, Romana, or Jenny would be a good way to solve a looming problem: the Doctor is running out of lives. Either the writers are going to have to have him beat the system and keep regenerating after the 13th Doctor, or they are going to have to find him a replacement.

  11. Nice list! The characters I'm lobbying for are Jack, Jenny and Vastra, Canton and The Master. I love how the top image doesn't include any characters on the list. 😛

  12. Jack'S at the top of my list for people to come back to the show. Along with River, Rose , 10.5 and Jenny.

  13. Simm to Cumberbatch, what a delightful load of Fan-Wank that would be, not to mention shades of Christopher Nolan. (The integration of previous cast members in his new movies)

  14. No Trinity Wells please. I was tired of seeing a "dramatic close-up" of her mouth every time she was on.

  15. Agree with all. Also need to run into any of the other 8 of The Deca. Tired of the totally non-believable "Last Time Lord" crap.

  16. Trinity – yes
    Craig – yes, as a full-time companion, or at least in two or three episodes
    Jenny – yes, but she needs her own show, since it'd be kinda weird cuz… well, you know.
    Captain Jack – HELL YES
    Dream Lord – I could take or leave him. He needs more development.
    Vastra & Jenny – Eh…
    Canton – ABSOLUTELY. I'd love him as a companion.
    Idris – HELL YES, especially since The Doctor is "returning to the shadows"… he needs company
    Donna & Wilf – ABSOLUTELY!!! I loved Donna! I miss her. I'd want to see her somehow be able to see The Doctor without risking brain death. And Wilf… well… he's a trooper. He could be a companion too.
    The Master – I don't know… I didn't like what they did with him in The End Of Time . So if they can renew his story, sure.

  17. For me, the only characters I *really* want to see back are Doctors 1 to 10. A bit of Gollum-style CGI to a) recreate those who've gone and b) make Colin and Tom a little less, how can I say, substantial… 'The Eleven Doctors' is surely the only way to really celebrate the 50th anniversary!

  18. The Time Lords. The Doctor is too Godlike in the universe. I would like to see the Time Lords come back to knock the Dr down a few pegs.

  19. I would love to see Donna again. It would be fun if she got her memories back (without burning up) She could give The Doctor a slap for leaving her. Jenny yes! Hell yes on Captain Jack! I would love to see Sally Sparrow come back as a companion. I hope he doesn't bring back the Cypermen, they don't really do anything for me. Do you have a favorite list of Doctor Who villains?

  20. I literally want Sally Sparrow back so badly. She was literally perfect in the whole episode and she would be a perfect companion and her and her bf remind me SO MUCH of Amy and Rory and since they killed them off it would be nice to have their sort of essence back in the show. <3

  21. We need to know what happened to Sarah's adopted son Luke.
    I read an article about John Simms just earlier this week wherein he was openly contemptuous of Who fans. I would like to see a regenerated Master after the fight with Rassilon, who needs to reappear as well.
    We also need to know the identity of the lady Time Lord that helped Wilf in The End of Time.
    And I'm counting on Moffet to bring Roger Moore aboard !


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